• On going course.
  • Portraiture, nude figure, anatomy study, character study and quick sketch for animation futures and warm up.
  • Goal: Anatomy from head to toe.
  • Course covers study of the skull, full planes of the figure and tonal work for depth.
  • This is a 3D and spatial figure course. Teens are welcome and we serve many to advance their skills. Parental consent required.
  • Fees are due on or before starting and due on last class if continuing. Must be 14 or older. We do not hold space without payment. Supply list sent upon sign up.

Figure Drawing – Charcoal Beginner thru advanced

Figure drawing has a lot of skill sets that take time and much knowledge. Here at AOFA we take this very seriously and put much of the focus on construction, anatomy, and 3D through light study of dark, halftones and light, along with core shadow, cast shadow, form shadow, half-tones, reflected light and high lights.

Hands and eyes are typically very hard to construct and at AOFA we have taken the pain out of the process by developing a step-by-step procedure that works. We use this same process with the mind-bending rules of perspective. Having our own techniques has made it much easier and quicker to conquer.


Instructional Fees Are Non-Refundable