Goal: Study of the figure in portraiture, bust and full figure in nude or costume.
Goal: Mixing skin tone, planes of the body, light logic, composition and brush handling.
Payment is due on or before start and paid on last class if continuing. We do not hold space with out payment.
* 1 Year of life Drawing on Saturdays is not a prerequisite but highly recommended. Or 1 year in this class doing monochromatic oil sketches to learn to draw first. Must be 14 or over and parental consent required for under 18. Supply list upon sign up.

Figure in Oil
All ages
Figure in oil is the training of painting the human figure in different poses nude or in costume. Specific brushes for different tasks are taught, how to mix the diverse skin tones, different fabrics, jewelry and composition are apart of this training. This is a 3hour class with a live professional model with poses and costumes to inspired the artist. Portrait is a big part of this class too. A supply list is given upon enrollment and each student learns the proper use of these tools. If desired a student can rent a paint set up and purchased canvas panel for 20.00 each session. No set up or clean up


Instructional Fees Are Non-Refundable